best known for his public art installations typically featuring very large replicas of everyday objects. Our proposal called for a giant ice cream cone dropped upside down on one of the top corners of the building, tilted forward, so that melting ice cream would appear to drip over the windows. In her presentation of the work.The tilt differentiated it from the surrounding church steeples, while the emphasis on the cone form separated it from the advertising variations found in the street.

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Saatchi Online Artist Conrad Jones; Collage, "Fashion" #art one of my favorite artists

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curved lines have been used with geormetric lines. paper cut out means there is a crisp and clean texture to the work as lines in the paper are cut carefully adn neatly

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Have a day to serve variously blondies? I can name them after Blondie's top songs.

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Top of the Pops. Every Thursday I'd rush to the telly to watch this, highlight of my week growing up

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Julian Opie - " Blur ", 2000, National Portrait Gallery, London. (Originally done for their Album cover)

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David Bowie style file :: Harper's BAZAAR

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Top of the Pops albums. These 70s albums, often sold for £1.25 in Woolworths, contained all the chart hits, but performed by Butlins cabaret bands, who were paid with beer and crisps.

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