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10 mind-blowing places in South Africa

Anyone who's had the pleasure of travelling to South Africa can testify to its unrivaled beauty.Nowhere else will you experience such diversity amongst the people and the landscape. From its mountain tops to it's alluring coastlines every part of this wonderful country is calling you to submerge yourself in this rainbow nation. Find out more in our top 10 list of the most awe-inspiring spots in South Africa. More

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Best new books for 9-12 year-olds in 2015

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Piz Gloria / Schilthorn summit, Switzerland. This is the only revolving restaurant I'll ever admit visiting, and the only time I'll ever link to a James Bond website... The cable car to the top is very expensive, and the best discount is with a SwissRailPass (rather than a EurRail pass). The views are spectacular; check the webcam online to make sure the weather up top is clear before you go. The Bond movie is a must-see - vacation homework!

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10 Free things to do in Amsterdam in 2016

Amsterdam might not be the cheapest city in Europe. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune to see it. Take a look at my pick of a top 10 free things to do in Amsterdam.

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Bill✔️ . "Wonderful Waimangu is the largest geothermal park in New Zealand" it is low centre of this image. The Wonderful lake, mid-photo is Blue Lake, and to its left, equally famous Green Lake, the site of the "Buried Village", which was smothered in volcanic ash, burying a small Maori village, Te Wairoa. Mount Tawarewa exploded in 1886, killing 120 people in that village. Immediately behind the Green Lake, and in the image the mountain with no top and no vegetation, is Mt Tawarewa. Bill…

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Stairway to heaven: 300ft spiral staircase to give Chinese tourists a taste of the high life - as long as you don't have a heart condition

Taihang Mountain, Linzhou, Henan province, China. The stairs are 300ft and designed to give the experience of climbing without the danger... :O

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Hardknott Pass from Hardknott Castle (Roman Fort) - Hardknott Pass is a mountain pass in the heart of the Lake District, England. It is a popular challenge for drivers as it is one of the steepest through roads in Britain, with a 30% (approx. 1:3) gradient and numerous hairpins

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