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The 50 Scariest Books of All Time

The 50 Scariest Books of All Time. This is a brilliant list but I haven't read nearly enough of them.


Ladykillers Alec Guinness, 1972 - original vintage movie poster for the Australian re-release of the 1955 comedy film, The Ladykillers, starring Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Danny Green and Cecil Parker, listed on


The Haunting (1963) • Superb thriller. The cinematography is magnificent; filmed in black and white, which makes this one of the most terrifying films, as it doesn't rely on "in your face" scare tactics or blood and gore. It's what you DON'T see, that makes this a cut above the rest. Based off of Shirley Jackson's novel, 'The Haunting of Hill House', which I also highly recommend.


Doug Bradley as the cenobite Pinhead in ''Hellraiser", 1987, directed by Clive Barker! ♥