Here are the top 10 funniest 'Leaving work on Friday memes' you should be using on social media to announce your exit from that place of madness called work.

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PAVESTONE SW 7642 Feeling fickle? Not sure if you want brown or gray well here you go. A grown up color sure to bring definition to any room. A color with longevity that you’ll love for a long time. Meme Hill: Top 10 overlooked fabulously gorgeous paint colors

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Top 10 pranks for #students to play on each other.

Ain't that the truth - n the older I get, the more precious I become coz the airbags get bigger!

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To our #saltiestbae @danisnotonfire “a contribution to Dan’s top 10 memes of 2016 video (click for the magic to happen) ”

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