Anyone who likes Tool, is AT LEAST cool enough in my book...possibly future husband material. Don't like Tool? We're not friends, and have no reason to speak :) Have a nice day.

Anyone who likes Tool, is AT LEAST cool enough in my book.possibly future husband material.

Fibonacci + quote - don't care for the quote, but like the idea

Ride the spiral to the end, we may just go where no one; Spiral out! Keep going!

Alex Grey for Tool's Lateralus Love Alex Grey, and all his work, aaand Lateralus quite possibly may be my favorite far...we'll see when I hear this new one. Hopefully on their first tour in Nevada!!!!

Alex Grey Paintings

I will never be this cool

30 Reasons Why Betty White Is The Greatest Person Ever

Television icon Betty White only gets better with age. The Golden Girls star turns 95 on Jan.

And watch the weather change.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Seer- Alex Grey ‘… The seer is the soul of the artist, magus through ages untold, Transmitting the lead of the matter into bullets of spiritual gold. The ego picks up the weapon of art, childlike,.

Tool...1/28/2016...CFE Arena...Orlando, FL

« Naming this piece "Gravitational Fields" on the account of breakthrough physics finding lead by and scientists observing that…

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I enjoy Tool because it's a spiritual rock/metal band. It's sort of like Pink Floyd but way heavier - Kendra