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I care about my Sexy Cowboy too much and I know that, but I can& help it because he has been a huge part of my life. He& really the best part of me and that& why I care so much.


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Don't kill people with kindness, because not everyone deserves your kindness. Kill people with silence, because not everyone deserves your attention.

Don't let people walk all over you. Sometimes when your too nice of a person and you always give and give, you might not know if you're are being taken advantaged of, or if you're being used. A kind p

When u finally stand up for urself, ur treated like ur worthless. But as long as u know u r being honest, genuine; as painful as it is, u can't control the evils of others, learn to cope w/ pain and learn to never treat anyone how they treated u.

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True,You cant change anyone,just live your own life. Imagine the time it has finally taken to realize this in our Life and, Live it or give it our, Best Shot !

"You told me nothing. I believed everything"

"You told me nothing. I believed everything"

Being too nice may not gain you enemies, but it’ll surely gain you users and abusers. Don’t allow this to happen; learn to say no and turn a.

Yes! But I'm glad I didn't.

Have you ever been too nice and ended up in a situation that could've been avoided if you kust would've been an asshole?

One reason why I cut some people out of my life. For good.

I used to be too nice.but thankfully, over the past couple years, I've learned that standing up for myself and refusing to let people use and walk over me isn't my shortcoming, but their problem. Don't mistake my niceness for doormat.