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MP calls for Tony Blair to be 'stripped of all honours'

Share or Comment on: "UK: Blair Will Not Face Probe Into Legality Of Iraq Acts" - - Mr Blair was Labour Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007 and is facing growing new scrutiny over his role in the Iraq war. on Politicoscope -

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Tony Blair (1953– ) held office from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007 during the reign of Elizabeth II

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£330,000 for a speech at a world hunger event? Tony Blair is an inspiration to us all

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10 Downing Street

#10 Downing Street Prime Minister's official residence

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1997 Labour ended 18 years in the political wilderness in spectacular style.The party returned to power with a parliamentary landslide, winning the biggest majority held by any government since 1935.Tony Blair's New Labour had gained a staggering 179-seat overall majority in the Commons as the Conservatives were tossed aside by the votersIn the election's aftermath, commentators speculated whether it was at all possible for the Conservatives to overturn such a huge majority in a single…

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Taxpayer will fund Tony Blair's legal costs as Iraq War families look to sue

Taxpayers will be obliged to pay all Tony Blair’Taxpayer will fund Tony Blair's legal costs as Iraq War families look to sue

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War Criminal Tony Blair’s 'Manic Diversionary Tactics': Is the UK’s Iraq Inquiry Set to 'Savage' Tony Blair?

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