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Samurai 3000 Ninja Swords for sale are 36 inch in all and combine futuristic sword styling with a traditional samurai ninja style blade. The handle and scabbard of the Samurai 3000 have a brushed metal finish. The handle is imprinted with the code of justice, service, and honor written in the secret language of the future Samurai ninja. The 420-stainless steel sharpened 26 1/16th inch blade locks into the scabbard and may only be released by a secret button located on the handle.


Raleigh macro bike vintage budgie? Chopper? Tomahawk? Chippy? Great project coll

Miller Brother Blades M-6 Steel - 5160 Thickness - 5/16 .323 Length - 8 an 7/8in overall Blade length - 4in Blade width - 1 1/8in at the widest


1979 Piper PA-38 Tomahawk for sale in (EHLE) Lelystad, Netherlands =>