Tom Steyer spent $87 million on the 2016 elections, and all he got was a Trump administration full of nominees he opposes.

The former hedge fund of one of the Democratic Party's most important donors was involved in a scheme to defraud foreign investors out of tens of millions of dollars, according to documents filed i

Tom Steyer and the seemingly boundless hypocrisy of liberals-Another billionaire liberal, another case of hypocrisy. He made his billions on coal, and now wants to make sure no one else can--Allen B. West -

A top House Democrat to whom billionaire liberal Tom Steyer has donated campaign funds steered more than a billion dollars to an infrastructure project that benefitted his hedge fund. That hedge

SaveOurEPA- advocacy organization run by environmentalist and political donor Tom Steyer, is taking steps to preserve the information. NextGen Climate copied the website and made it available at . “As Americans, we will not allow Donald Trump to erase the truth or rewrite history,” Steyer said in a statement. “This information belongs to the people, and the public has a right to know the truth."

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