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Tom Holland Historian

Tom Holland: We must not deny the religious roots of Islamic State Its jihadis call for a global caliphate. So why deny religion drives Isis?

from BBC News

Viewpoint: The roots of the battle for free speech

Historian Tom Holland was one of those who tweeted Charlie Hebdo's image of Muhammad. Here he explains the ramifications of defending free speech.

Mutilate the past and you cripple the future - If Isis destroys Palmyra, ancient symbol of a rich and pluralist Syria, it will be a disaster, writes the historian Tom Holland

Tom Holland, the TV and radio historian and author of the prize-winning Rubicon, says he had the completely wrong idea about Christianity.

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War is as real for jihadis as it was in Middle Ages, argues historian

Jihadis see themselves as being engaged in a war as old as Islam itself: a struggle for global supremacy against Christianity, writes historian TOM HOLLAND.

from The Independent

Fear and loathing: Another unholy row about Islam

Another nail in the coffin of so-called Muslim tolerance. In addition to Tuesday's thuggish violence over a cheap, trashy film about the history of Islam and it's founder Mohamed. A British documentary called "Islam: The Untold Truth", by the historian Tom Holland, and shown this past August 28th on British TV's Channel 4, was shelved by the station due to Muslim threats of extreme violence to the station and the film maker. Why does Obama still think these people can be our Friends?

from BBC News

Weekendish: The best of the week's reads

Flowers and candles laid close to the Charlie Hebdo offices. Historian and writer Tom Holland was one of those who tweeted Charlie Hebdo's cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in the wake of the deadly attack on the magazine's office. He explains why in an essay for the Magazine.

Many historians are challenging long-held opinions of the origins of Islam. Tom Holland examines whether the religion was born fully formed or if it evolved over many years.

Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar by Tom Holland