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Tom Hardy Bronson Workout

Bronson, 2008, biographical, psychological, drama, Nicolas Winding Refn, Michael Gordon Peterson, Charles Bronson, Tom Hardy, Matt King, James Lance, Amanda Burton, Kelly Adams, Juliet Oldfield, Jonathan Phillips, Mark Powley, Hugh Ross, Joe Tucker, Gordon Brown

from The Male Celebrity

Tom Hardy [Bronson]

tom hardy with his tats from warrior... amazing film... amazing body... amazing acting... he's basically the apple of my eye at the moment.


“It’s familiar territory for Hardy, who packed on two-and-a-half stone in only five weeks for Bronson. The “Bronson trail” he explains, began four years ago when he received the first draft of the screenplay. The story was a straight account of the life of Michael Peterson, who would become known as the violent Category A inmate Charles Bronson, and who would spend 30 out of 34 prison years in solitary confinement for his penchant for hostage taking. “On a selfish level I thought,