If you don't think this is adorable then you must be blind!

No one understands how much I actually love Tom Daley. He is so perfect. This picture is so adorable. I love you Tom Daley

Tom Daley  God bless Great Britain

Tom Daley- Marry me. No clue who he is but I searched exploding whale and here he is.

Tom Daley will compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in at least two events. The British diver, who has competed in each of the last two Summer Olympics, earned a spot in the 10m synchronized diving event at the Diving World Cup, also held in Rio, this week. Daley and his diving partner, Daniel Goodfellow, won a bronze medal at the World Cup, edging out the United States' David Boudia and Steele Johnson.

Boys vs Boys — agayoflife: Tom Daley More pretty boys at A Gay.

Tom Daley, British Diving Team, I'm obsessed with him

Tom Daley - 2012 British Diving Team im not rootin fo em hes jus hot!

tomrdaleys: Tom Daley | BUILD Series LDN - Tom Daley + Dustin Lance Black

tomrdaleys: Tom Daley | BUILD Series LDN - Tom Daley + Dustin Lance Black

British Diver Tom Daley @Caitlin Akers...love the small swimwear!

British Diver Tom Daley Misses Out on Olympic Medal: Photo Tom Daley steps out of the pool after completing a dive in the Men's Synchronized Platform Diving competition on Day 3 of the 2012 Summer Olympics on Monday…

Hi Tom, that micro pig is cuter than you, sorry

Tom Daley Has A Pet Piglet [UPDATED]

Tom Daley and his teacup pig, Robby-Ray! :D :D I want a pig!

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May 21 — Tom Daley