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Disregarding the background of this photo, I believe that this bathroom signage would be well incorporated with the Anantara hotel. I would make the signs with a dark wood, and place it on a background with a very light shade of wood. The logos are very simple, elegant and leisure-like however is not very urban.

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Japan standardizes hi-tech toilet symbols - Both the UX part of me and the 12-year old sense of humor in me couldn’t resist this. Japan actually did standardize hi-tech toilet symbology. Sadly, I was not asked to contribute. I would have loved having this project in my portfolio. #UX #design -

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Toilet WC door/wall plate. Original WC icon. WC icon sign. WC icon symbol. WC…

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Blossom tree collage - Plum Blossom is one traditional flower of Chinese New Year. It symbolizes luckiness.

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heart 1 Black Menba® 7.8 Inch Adhesive Acrylic Toilet Symbol Men's and Women's Bathroon Sign(Gold): Home & Kitchen

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