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I would much rather be the ‘obnoxious feminist girl’ than be complicit in my own dehumanization. - Kathleen Hanna

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On Block Printing: Jesse Breytenbach of Henri Kuikens - Block Printed Textiles — Redefine

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I know I've posted this before, but this is just the cutest thing I've ever seen of these two. Well, after the one of them in bed with matching p.j.s

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ExxonMobil continuing to fund climate sceptic groups, records show

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Smile at strangers. We're in this together. - You never know who's falling in love with your smile.

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We need to look out for each other, especially when these same "good men" are the ones telling us, "I wouldn't do that to you, you shouldn't be complaining about harassment on the streets." Your gut will know a good man; they're real, and they won't ignore your fears about being harassed and stalked by other men.

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