With a bit of tweaking this can be used for older children too..Remember ADHD kids are about 30% behind their peers in brain development.. So they may need reminders/incentives for stuff you think they ought to know..

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Have you tried a potty training sticker chart to help your little one progress in their new skill? Here's a free one for you! Happy potty training!

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Behavior charts! Three check marks means the clothes pin moves down a step. If child gets to red, no stickers or screen time. Good behavior means the clothes pin moves up a step. Get to the top and child gets a sticker for the day at bedtime. 7 stickers = reward. Rewards may increase in value as time goes on.

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© Wild Ideas. Toddler / Child 'Have I been good' behave chart. STANDARD available to buy here: http://www.lindawildideas.co.uk/star-reward-behaviour.php

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