Create a fuzzy jumpsuit, hat, and ears out of brown fabric to make this adorable monkey costume.                 Submitted by: macbones1030

Easy Little Girl Halloween Costumes from Real Moms!

Baby Lovely Monkey Costume, Infant Unisex, Size: 6-12MONTHS, Multicolor

Baby Lovely Monkey Costume, Infant Unisex, Size: 18-24MONTH, Multicolor

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Our toddler monkey outfit is a perfect selection for your child for its comfort and cuteness. Draw a cute little monkey nose with our black make up cray.

All it takes to become a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz, whether toddler or adult, is some felt, glue, a pair of wings and a T-shirt to use as a template. With this homemade costume, your little one (or big one) will be the talk of the yellow brick road this Halloween.  DIY directions here:

A flying monkey costume inspired by the Wizard of Oz. You can make this costume to fit kids or adults by using a T-shirt as a template.