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Play Through The Bible is a super fun series chronicling all the activities we did as we worked our way through a children’s bible at a toddler level. Here are all the posts in one spot! Play Through The Bible Introduction Old Testament Creation – Week 1 Adam and Eve – Week 2 Noah – Week …


This lesson plan begins a study called Toddlers Knowing God. Our aim is to help younger children begin to understand the nature and power of God. The target age group is 18-24 months, but you could...

from Intentional By Grace

5 Bible Verses Toddlers Can (and Should) Memorize

During the early years of learning, children love memory work, and they are quite good at it. Their little minds are like sponges!


Toddler Bible Lessons

Here you will find the Bible Lesson Curriculum I have developed for at home use with my 2 year old toddler. The lessons are divided into 3 segments, with each segment teaching particular biblical t...