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I love Humphrey's copper fountains. As a retired goldsmith his work shows grace and finesse - no-one does it better. The copper changes colour as it weathers to verdigris. And the water tinkles as it drips down from leaf to leaf and then into the pool below.

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20 reasons why the Olympics are great for Britain

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I spent the night out with my dad enjoying the crazy thunder storm we had last night (the thunder was so loud I literally ducked in cover once or twice) and enjoyed the Lightning show that went on as well. Today is a bit stormy as well so as such it seemed appropriate to give this another look as its my favorite kind of weather.


Pictures of the day: 15 November 2011

A bolt of lightning strikes the sea near Pula, Croatia. Amateur photographer and full time shipbuilder, Matija Sculac, 35, did not have to travel far to catch his favourite extreme weather - these lightning shows happened on his doorstep. Matija carefully monitors local weather each day for the slightest hint of a lighting storm and when one breaks he travels to his favourite spots to capture the action.


We all experience rain & thunderstorms in our lives. I know the bigger the storm, the brighter the sun shines... God only knows how much we appreciate the sunshine today!


Mr Finch How+to+make+a+sprouting+bulb Its a bit gloomy here today but I have some bulbs starting to show which is always my favourite thing...A few years ago I created a free bulb pattern for Selvedge Magazine....if you would like to make your own you can download the instructions here.... In this example I have used 3 sides but you can add one or two more and it will give you a shape a little more like an amaryllis...


There are many shields available almost for every application. Today we want to show you how to use your Arduino as a wheater station which can be improved, unlike commercial products that cannot be expanded or easily modified. Our shield uses three analog sensors in order to measure enviromental temperature, relative humidity and atmosferic pressure. As an extra feature we added a RTC, based on the famous DS1307 ic made by Maxim. The used sensors are:   -Microchip MCP9700A for the…