This is seriously the best show ever and I CANNOT wait for the new mini series to come out next summer and unfold into the movie! Love me some Bluth family drama :)

40 of the Funniest "Arrested Development" Screencaps

Because Arrested Development changed how you act and speak. It taught you that there’s always a better way to say things…

Tobias Funke Headshots to print for "party favors/casting director" bags

I agree with what David Cross (Tobias Funke from Arrested Development) said about bathroom attendants and massages.

Tobias Funke Plush

Tobias Funke Plush

There are literally dozens of us. Tobias Funke plush toy, for the Arrested Development fan who has everything. Arrested Development’s Tobias Funke as a plush toy.

Tobias Fünke – Fully Exposed (GIFs, Photo Gallery, Video)

Tobias Fünke - Fully Exposed (GIFs, Photo Gallery, Video)

Tobias Funke is the best analrapist around.

15 Tobias Fünke quotes in celebration of Arrested Development’s return to television!

The Many Faces of Tobias Funke by Doe Eyed

"The Many Faces of Tobias Funke" Arrested Development Print by Doe Eyed (Onsale Info) - OMG Posters!

Arrested Development Sobbing

We are all relating to an old man in the shower. Just thought I'd put that into perspective.

arrested development

The Best Of #Tobias Fünke

…you’ve come a long way in terms of being open about your situation. | 15 Things All Never Nudes Know To Be True

15 Things All Never Nudes Know To Be True

Mrs. Featherbottom’s (or Tobias Fünke’s) “Banger in the Mouth”: | Community Post: 11 "Arrested Development" Party Food Ideas

Mrs. Featherbottom's (or Tobias Fünke's) "Banger in the Mouth":

Every Arrested Development fan knows there's always money in the banana stand. But if you missed the Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand Tour (and finally realized you can't order from their Seamless

Arrested Development Brooch - 'Tobias Fünke' | Kate's Little Store

Arrested Development Brooch - 'Tobias Fünke'

Arrested Development Brooch 'Tobias Fünke' by kateslittlestore