Morph - i had a bendable toy morph, made of rubber with wire inside. When it started to poke through, my mum 'killed' him. 80's health and safelty, eh?  #nostalgia #80s #childhood

Morph - he was the quieter one and his mate chas was the noisy did we understand what they were on about?

My favourite tv show as a child along with Smart

If you remember him, your childhood was awesome…

This is an Art Attack, this is an Art Attack. This IS Art Attack! What a show, what a guy! Used to watch it everyday while eating my bowl of cereal and milk, just before my school bus would arrive. Such good times

BBC Test card. Waiting for kids tv to start on a Saturday morning..... !! that clown doll is the reason I hate clowns, it freaked me out for years lol it's so creepy

The iconic BBC test card F, starring Bubbles the Clown: terrifying viewers since 1967

Oh my. I suspected something like this but... wow. Oh Britain. <3

TV pickup - when the power companies have to boost the power to cope with everyone putting the kettle on for a cup of tea. Britain is amazing.

This was one of my favourite TV shows as a child, I loved he could change his head - "I'll just put me thinking head on" - and Aunt Sally, just perfect!

You wear it well, Worzel, er... Rod

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally one of my favourite childhood programmes

Oh yeah. And I want a movie Pseu.

Oh yeah. And I want a movie Pseu.

The Black and White Minstrel Show - we hadn't heard of PC in those days!

The Black and White Minstrel Show - the highlight of Saturday night telly!

"And they smash them all to bits". Astute comment on backward humans.

Cadbury Smash Mashed Potatoes TV commercial from the Oh how I hated mashed potato,it seemed to be served at very school meal!

I used to be a 40 a day smoker. Gave up over night 5 years ago. Feel amazing for it #gpsbehindcloseddoors

Auntie Pegg on

“Really really hope they have some genuine off the street people on this year”