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These TMNT party games are totally tubular dude! DIY Birthday party games ideas for your teenage mutant ninja turtles fan!


Ninja star toss game....had Michaelangelo and Leonardo, with two teams and whoever got the most stars in the bucket, won a prize

from It's a Wunderful Life

Welcome to Ninja Training Camp!

Inspired by Tough Mudder - the Barbwire Crawl!


We love love bringing back the old and mixing it with the new! Here are our favorite TMNT Games, Activities, and Crafts!

Spray paint empty soup cans add googly eyes for a toddler friendly game. This cost around $2 to make.


YES--- Gravity Falls, Flash, Arrow, etc. every time! One time it came on and I chucked my phone on the floor and I fell out of my chair and started screaming over a Gravity Falls one!


30 amazing nerdy nail designs to make your inner geek goddess squeal (and maybe snort) with delight!