Titanic artifacts

Toiletries recovered from the Titanic.,http://www.titanicuniverse.com/titanic-artifacts/titanic-artifacts-9-2

"C dec" and were originally located in the first class grand staircase to direct passengers to the C level. This artifact has never been on public display.


White Star Line passenger ticket for passage booked on the Titanic. This class passenger survived.

The fireplace in the Strauss Suite. During the sinking, Isidor Strauss (one of the founders of Macy's in NYC) was offered a spot in a lifeboat. An elderly gentleman, he politely refused, not wanting to take the space away from a  woman of child. His wife of over 40 years, Ida, also refused to get into the lifeboat, declaring, "Where you go, I go." Both perished in the disaster, the body of Isidor being recovered in the weeks after the foundering. (credit to National Geographic)

A gilded clock rests intact on an electric fireplace in the elegant Straus suite of the Titanic.

A pair of gloves found in a suitcase near the Titanic.

7 rare Titanic artifacts on display for last time via (Photo: Premier Exhibitions)

Titanic's car. The only car that I know of at the bottom of the ocean.

103 Year Anniversary: Rare And Never-Before-Seen Photos Of RMS Titanic - Gallery - The Breeze

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