im tired of everything i just wish i would die i cant take anything anymore i dont even know why im still living anymore. ive tried being strong but i just cant anymore

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Begging the question: would you be crying because you are so glad to be yourself or because you wish you weren't? Beautiful melancholy.

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I was perfectly okay with the way you loved, heck I had a huge head start and never expected or demanded you to catch up. I am not sure if that was one of your "fears", but it shouldn't have been.

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Quotes About Feeling Lonely | MANCIE is playing a Special Early Show at Spike Hill in Williamsburg ...

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When you push, you sometimes push too far but at one point you have to listen to what they say and try again. But if you don't want the advice then why do you ask so much? Oh yeah. I know.

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I like watching movies abd series where everyone has someone. I have no one I spend days crying no one knows. Everyone says I mean a lot but I'm just existing in their lives. Everyone has someone else. Im so tired of everyone asking me if I'm okay because I'm tired of lying and when I do say something I get ignored or I'm just being dramatic. I have no one. by

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