Im exhausted from trying to be stronger than i feel

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Quote in depression: My body and heart weren´t made for this. I´m tired of being tired and I´m tired of being sad.

Every time im struck with this hollowing sadness my heart strings pull tighter around my heart as if its trying to give way to save my sanity

I am so tired of trying to be understanding and compassionate.

“You’re like a sponge. You have a gift.” “It doesn’t feel like a gift,” I counter. “Well, with time, you’ll see. It’s a process of unfolding, like a flower opening up. You are the flower.

1) Stop lying. Problem solved. 2) Is ALL that blank space really necessary??

I'm just so tired.

Why is she a strong girl? Because she walks around everyday on the verge of tears and you don't even have the slightest clue that she's not okay

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This is me. Ppl say I have to be strong especially. But they don't know how long I've had this in. I'm on the verge of tears everyday but I one notices bc I'm not important to them. Idk why I still deal with them tho. I'm done.

What soul though? I have no soul left only a jet black heart that feels like it's starting to give up because even my heart knows I shouldn't be breathing anymore

Soul tired Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how sleep I get or how much coffee I drink, something inside of me has given up. My soul is tired.