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These 5 Incredible TINY Homes Are Under 250 Square Feet… Wow!

#1. This Gypsy Wagon in the woods is actually a tiny home built by Rachel Ross for less than $8,000.00.

A small traditionally-styled Scottish house by modular builder The Wee House Company. This model has one bedroom in 431 sq ft. |


Le Chêne – Tiny House Swoon Love the size and layout of this one, but it needs a few bigger windows.


Ma Maison Logique is a tiny house built in Kamouraska, Quebec, by its owners, Pascal Dube and Catherine Duval. The home is environmentally friendly and made from local resources.


On Canada's Vancouver Island you will find a beautiful example of storybook architecture created by the hands of two creative natural builders Timothy Lindberg and musician Daniel Huscroft. Together they work as Lindcroft, a mixture of their names, building homes that must be the dream of many, a woodland fairytale house by the water's edge. Follow the picture back to to see more of this wonderful natural home.


20 of the Most Unbelievable Hand Sculpted Houses You'll Ever See

Natural building, or eco building, involves the construction of wood ovens, shelters, barns, and even entire houses using sustainable materials and traditional building methods. While it has seen a recent surge in popularity and is seen as a ‘novel’...


This is the house Chris Magwood built for his mother, Sandra Zabludofsky. It's near Madoc, Ontario, Canada. Chris built the straw bale house in 2004 using earthen plasters and all local materials. It's an off-grid home without a straight wall in the house. Enjoy the natural homes collection at