Professional video tutorial: This tin foil curls technique requires 10 mins of blow dry w/ diffuser attachment

How To: Curl your Hair with Tin Foil & Straighteners - YouTube

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Easy Curls Using TIN FOIL

Fast, Easy way to curl hair! Twirl into tin foil and straighten

Curling your hair without a curler. 1. Comb a section of your hair and wrap it around two fingers 2. Wrap the section of hair with tin foil. 3. Go over the tin foil with a straightener (don't slide down the tin foil, move the straightener in sections). 4. Leave to set (as long as possible) and then remove the tin foil. Ta-da!

I did it! Tin Foil Curls

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Get perfect curls using tin foil and your hair dryer! (video from at this page as well)

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