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old school cell phones

Long before cell phones and texting, we made tin can phones and used them to talk to friends across the yard or down the street. Why not try it at home with the kids?


Tin Can Phone

Tin Can Telephone - make them with the students and it is a great way to introduce sound waves. Plus they are just super cool.


Make a Play Telephone

homemade telephone/walkie talkies in the good old days ... I tried this with the next door neighbor Keith Boushele.


Tin Can Phone

tin can phones - really this is just to remind me of the Turkey call I want to do.... Rope goes on inside and hot glued. Then use a wet rag to pull down on the rope to make it vibrate and make a bird call sound


Instead Of Throwing Away This Tin Can, She Transformed It Into Something Adorable

Your kids might have cell phones, but nothing beats a good game of <a href="" target="_blank">tin can telephone</a>.

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