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U.S. Nickel from 2067? proof that time travel exists Well, the better news would be that in 2067 it still says "In God We Trust"


A mummy was found 'wearing Adidas' and people think it's proof of time travel

Proof of time travel? A 1,500-year old mummy was found wearing ‘Adidas shoes’ A mummy was found 'wearing Adidas' and people think it's proof of time travel

For your consideration: Proof of time travel  | LOLBRARY.COM

I would get a couple of people to get there around 6:45-ish and we'd just sit there, and watch as people freaked out...


Von Helton the Time-Traveling Vampire Known simply as VonHelton, this enigmatic figure suggests he might be part vampire, but asserts he is 100% time traveler. He has provided proof of his time travel prowess by lining up side-by-side photographs of himself starting in a studio in 1857 England, with stops in 1916 France, 1945 Berlin, and ending in the modern day in front of an American flag. Is he, in fact, a time traveler? Or is his "vampire gene" keeping him immortal?


Time Travel Proof In Museum Photo? The photo was allegedly found on the Virtual Museum of Canada website, an online repository of “Canada’s rich history and culture.” It’s said to be of the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s in Gold Bridge, B.C., Canada. But in the photo, something doesn’t belong. Who is this strange individual, seemingly out of place — modern attire and all — in what would otherwise be a perfectly ordinary gathering? Is he from the future?


Is This 800-Year-Old ‘Mobile Phone’ Proof That Time Travel DOES...


19 Real Photographs You'd Swear Were Proof Of Time Travel