amenn <3 Tim Tebow #shaken

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Tim Tebow quotes

I think Tim Tebow is a fine example for every young boy that looks up to athletes. And I love this quote.

such a good quote & the fact that it comes from Tim Tebow makes it so much better ;)

Tim Tebow - Also, it's not "Te-bowing" . it's called praying. Bless you, Tim, for being man enough to openly love God and lead by example.

Through My Eyes Tim Tebow Quotes

Oh Tim Tebow the wise. Haha so really it's so amazing how God can use this man to reach so many people!

Tim Tebow Shaken

Shaken by Tim Tebow: Book Review

I connect with this book in the highs, lows and highs again! I wasnt his biggest fan on the field, but recommend this book to everyone look to grow in life and faith!

BRB, running through a brick wall.

Tim Tebow answered Stephen A. Smith's dumb question with a riveting inspirational speech

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Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians Salvation is by grace alone but just as we need to work out to be physically fit we need to work out our salvation in order to be.