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She votes! Hillary Clinton arrives at her polling place in New York to cast a vote for the first female president of the United States

NOV 8, 2016. Clinton was mobbed by fellow voters when she arrived at her polling place around 8 a.m. today in Chappaqua. Clinton brought along her husband, former President Bill Clinton as she hugged and interacted with members of the crowd. The early riser on the Democratic team was Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Clinton's running mate, who got in line to vote at 5:50 a.m. Daughter Chelsea Clinton was spotted with her husband and two kids in New York City today, sporting an 'I Voted' sticker.

FLASHBACK : As Governor, Tim Kaine FIRED 5 Virginia State Police Chaplains for PRAYING Publicly in Jesus’ Name

Flashback From 2008 Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is defending why his administration forced the sudden resignation of five Virginia State Police Chaplains because they prayed publicly “in Jesus’ name.” Police Superintendent Col. W. Steven Flaherty single-handedly created then enforced a strict “non-sectarian” prayer policy at all public gatherings, censoring and excluding Christian prayers, then accepted the resignation of five chaplains who refused to deny Jesus or violate their conscience…


Tim Kaine admits his debate interruptions were 'a little annoying'

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, appeared on 'The View' today and admitted that his debate performance was a tad jarring.

Hillary Clinton chooses Virginia Senator Kaine as running mate

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton chooses Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate | Daily Mail Online

Chelsea opens for her 'wonderful, kind, thoughtful, hilarious mother'

Chelsea's husband Marc Mezvinsky (left) sat next to her dad, former President Bill Clinton (center) and her mother's running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton names Tim Kaine as her running mate

Hillary Clinton names Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her running mate | US news | The Guardian

Virginia senator Tim Kaine fails to rule himself out as Hillary's veep

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, whose name is being floated as a Hillary Clinton vice presidential pick, gave a grin and not a 'no' when asked about the veepstakes today on Morning Joe.


Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate

US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US Senator Tim Kaine during a campaign rally in Virginia.