Tim Duncan with his wife, Amy. I hate my life! :( why can't I meet any handsome, quiet and sweet men who play for my favorite NBA team? Because he's married :(

Tim Duncan's estranged wife, Amy Duncan, claims that Tim is bisexual and had an affair with another man while they were still together.

Tim Duncan Wife: Why Did They Divorce? Who Is He Dating Now? - http://www.morningledger.com/tim-duncan-wife-why-did-they-divorce-who-is-he-dating-now/1383853/

Legendary San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan announced his retiremen.

Tim and Amy Duncan celebrate following the 2005 NBA Finals (Getty Images)

Tim Duncan is reportedly delaying divorce proceedings until after the end of the Spurs’ season

Wife Claims Tim Duncan Is Bisexual In Heated Divorce Proceedings

Tim Duncan to appear in special issue of 'Punisher' comic book - CBSSports.com

Tim Duncan will appear in a Punisher Comic Book (to go w/ his Punisher Knee brace & costume)

Tim Duncan acts like Tim Duncan in new commercial

Tim Duncan show off his versatility in a commercial for his automotive shop in San Antonio, TX.

Tim Duncan Wife: Tim Is Bi-Sexual & Bought House For His Lover - http://www.morningledger.com/tim-duncan-wife-tim-is-bi-sexual-bought-house-for-his-lover/1384730/

Tim Duncan Wife news is making the headlines as his ex-wife claims that Duncan has been keeping things from her.

Tim Duncan Offers Legal Advice To Wife’s Divorce Lawyer

Tim Duncan Offers Legal Advice To Wife’s Divorce Lawyer

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Tim+Duncan's ang then wife.

Tim+Duncan's ang then wife.

Tim Duncan’s Blonde Wife Shows Him Pre-Game Love

Tim Duncan’s Blonde Wife Shows Him Pre-Game Love


Sports Illustrated cover - San Antonio Spurs Big Three: Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker