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Martin Freeman in BBC's The Office. I have loved him ever since! <3 Yes, yes, that does mean I loved him BEFORE Sherlock! I studied in England at that time and loved him since then ; ) (By the way, the guy who was my boyfriend then hated him. That is just one reason we are not together now, hehe)

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Tim Canterbury & Gareth Keenan (The Office UK) I'm not sure if this is so scene funny to me because of Gareth's fantasy or Tim's facial expression.

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The Truth Behind John Watson and Tim Canterbury

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Martin :)

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Tim Canterbury, Proto-Hobbit <3

Tim Canterbury is damn tired of all your shit, you wankers.

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Martin as Tim Canterbury (The Office - UK) SO ADORABLE!

Tim Canterbury, from the original British "The Office" (UK) and Jim Halpert, from "The Office" (U.S.)


Tim Throwback Thursday: The painful reality of being 30, having no girlfriend, and still living with Mum and Dad.

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