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why doesn't mine look like this. fucking fucked up this world. and my parents

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How to get all-over spirals curls: Zulu knots... Twist into knots, pin in place, flat iron the knots to heat them, allow to cool, flat iron again, allow to cool, let them down! Styled with a waterfall braid. -- By Taylor Nick, William Edge Salon, Nashville, TN

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Waterfall Braids are really cool because you have a braid across the top of your head and little strands of hair falling down like the water strands in a log or short thin or thick waterfall.

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How to curl your hair in tight spiral curls with a regular curling iron in a few easy steps! 1) take a small section of your hair 2) hold your curling iron so the barrel is pointing downward 3) starting from the top, begin to wrap your hair around the outside of the barrel 4) hairspray & repeat!

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Anne Hathaway's cute clip

previous pinner says: This is "kind of" what I'm rockin' right now, along with some growing out bangs (it's hard to tune them out right now)... I've been trying to add some waves/texture in the front. I start with tight spirals and it falls flat/becomes wavy as the day goes on. By 9am it's what I was going for :)

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