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A leaky what? Simply put, abnormal intestinal permeability (aka Leaky Gut) arises when the tight junctions between these cells loosen, allowing for large, immune-confounding particles to be absorbed into the bloodstream. These can wreak havoc on many of the body’s tissues, including the liver, the thyroid, the skin, the joints, and the brain itself. #seasonalcleanse #farmacopia


Extracellular cysteine/cystine redox regulates the p44/p42 MAPK pathway by metalloproteinase-dependent epidermal growth factor receptor sign...

Role of flavonoids in intestinal tight junction regulation - Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry (Quercetin enhances intestinal tight junction barrier function.)

BEST deal I've seen on Restore (heals leaky gut by repairing tight junctions and encouraging healthy flora)

Adherens and tight junctions: Structure, function and connections to the actin cytoskeletonFull-size image (10 K)