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Best Ever #TigerNut Milk Recipe (Horchata De Chufa) - A healthy, #vegan alternative to #dairy!

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Tigernut Horchata Recipe ( Tiger Nut Milk )

Tigernut horchata, also known as tigernut milk or horchata de chufa, is regaining popularity outside of Spain because of its numerous health benefits. Learn how to make it, and how you can make tigernut flour with the leftover pulp.

The nut milk recipe that will have you ditching the boxed stuff for good

There's a reason why LA cafes Go Get Em Tiger and G&B are creating a buzz—and it's not just because of the coffee.

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Tiger Nut Milk

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Chocolate Tiger Nut Stollen Bites

If you had a go at making Tiger Nut Horchata last week, you might be thinking that despite the tiger nut pulp leftovers (I just feel guilty for throwing it away), horchata is such a delicious, healthy drink it deserves to be a ‘keeper’. If so, today’s recipe for Chocolate Tiger Nut Stollen Bites answers the need for thrift by transforming tiger nut pulp into a superfood energy bite that’s as enticing as tiger nut milk itself. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet tried homemade…

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