These adorable lion and tiger cubs were born at African Safari in the Oita prefecture of Japan earlier this year

How a lion and tiger cub are best of friends at Japanese zoo

Lions and tigers are rarely seen acting like the best of friends, but there are two cubs in a Japanese safari park that appear to be breaking the mould. The African Safari park in the Oita prefecture in Japan has a lion cub and a tiger cub that appear to | Cincinnati Zoo 2-8-17-4004 | Tiger Cubs - 5 days old

Three Malayan Tiger cubs were born February 3 at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and are now being cared for in the Zoo’s nursery. First-time mom Cinta’s maternal instincts did not kick in, and vets, concerned that the cubs'.

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The cubs rest against each other

How a lion and tiger cub are best of friends at Japanese zoo

Big cats are not generally known for being friendly creatures but these adorable photographs show how a pair of newborn cubs have become the best of friends at a zoo in Japan.

Young Timber Wolf and Bengal tiger cub at Myrtle Beach South Carolina Zoo. Animal ambassadors at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. Sharing an enclosure together (for now).

Just don't tell these guys that they are supposed to be fighting like cats and dogs

In the wild, a chance meeting between a wolf and a tiger would not be this adorable. But a litter of young wolves share a unique bond with a litter of tiger cubs.

Malayan Tiger Cubs Bond with Mom at Tulsa Zoo! More

Malayan tiger cub_Tulsa he Tulsa Zoo is celebrating the birth of three endangered Malayan Tiger cubs. The cubs were born at the Tulsa Zoo on Aug. 8 to mom, Jin, and dad, Gahara.

* * ORANGE TIGER: " Just the two us, and if  yoo don't stop fidgeting, it'll be just the one  of us."

The True Meaning Of Friendship

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Tiger Species of the World

The Siberian tiger. They can weigh up to 660 pounds with males growing up to more than ft from head to tail. This photo shows brother Siberian tiger cubs playing hide and seek. (Helen E.

Cute Tiger Cub Licking It's Nose

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Cuddling cubs twin tigers beautiful markings.Please check out my website thanks.

Cuddling cubs twin tigers beautiful markings--even though they're twins their stripes aren't the same--like fingerprints--unique to each tiger.

These two tiger cubs are having just the best time ever. Photo Slavek Ruta / REX

Four-month-old white Indian tiger cubs Shankar and Maia play in their enclosure at Liberec Zoo in the Czech Republic. The duo were born on 25 February