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work by kirsty whitlock. Inspiration: Use "fish net" and Bible verses to create table cover - "They Shall Be Fishers Of Men" ....


He looked down at his ball room, filled with the vermin he so despised as they drank his champagne and performed a poor waltz across his marble floor, he smiled at the as he pictured the room painted red with there blood when he court, that's when they first met eyes and when he first ever felt something other than disgust for a human.


This is so true! I often say, "I don't eat that." Before, I used to say, "I can't have that." and it really makes a huge difference.


King Leopold turned his "Congo Free State" into a massive labour camp, made a fortune for himself from the harvest of its wild rubber, and contributed in a large way to the death of perhaps 10 million innocent people. "I was so moved, Your Excellency, by the people's stories that I took the liberty of promising them that in future you will only kill them for crimes they commit." John Harris, Missionary in Baringa. #Maafa #Africa #African #Congo #DRC

from Stylist Magazine

100 best opening lines from children's books

Historical/Multicultural Book: With this book, the students will each make a sock head. In each sock, students will put grass seed and soil and push it to the bottom of the sock nice and tight. I will tie the sock shut for them and we will see if they can nurse our garden to life. Once the grass starts to grow and grows a lot they can take it home and give their plant a hair cut if it gets to be to long. It will be like their own geopet.


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