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17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelace

17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelace

Criss Cross and go under the bridge Then you got to pull it tight. Make a loop but keep a long tail That is how to do it right Then you take the other string and you wrap it 'round the loop Pull it through the hole Now you got the scoop

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{Back to School} Organising: School bag nooks, homework station, wardrobes and more

14 ways to tie shoelaces. This pin reminds me of saying "thanks for rockin' sockin' slammin' jammin' into journeys!" or "thanks for hoppin' skippin' 'n' jumpin' into journeys!" good times for sure! it's still important to know how to lace your kicks. : )

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Well trying this! Very helpful. You’ve Been Tying Your Shoes Wrong Your Entire Life

Cute way to teach shoe tying

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Who knew there were so many different ways to tie your shoes?:

15 Cool Ways To Tie Shoelaces

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Finger Gym -Picture of tie your shoelace board.-There are drilled holes in the wood with the lace threaded through.

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love oxfords-need a pair for work to go with basic black pants. Women's Claremont Brogue

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Our friends @REI created this neato chart to help us learn a few new lacing tricks that could help improve hiking boot comfort!

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