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Ticketmaster, a founder and leading member of STAR, owns and operates the GETMEIN! and Seatwave ticket resale marketplaces. Our marketplaces offer all consumers who choose to buy tickets a guarantee of a full refund or ticket replacement.

Ticket scalping is a practice wherein an individual buys a ticket for an event and resells it later at a higher price in order to earn Ticket scalpingprofit. This practice is therefore also known as ticket resale. This is however very different from buying ticket from a ticket broker. A broker buys tickets in bulk and sells it to the visitor, whether or not there is any demand for the event.


Hamilton Cracks Down On Ticket Resales By Limiting Ticket Purchases


Harvey Goldsmith: Ticket re-sale websites 'a national disgrace'

Ticket resales are a disgrace eg scalpers whether legitimate online or not