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Adrenal Fatigue- 5 Supplements You Should Be Taking


Bladderwrack is a form of kelp high in iodine that is essential for the human body. It has been used in stimulation of the thyroid as a treatment for a healthy metabolism, obesity, cellulite & even ovulation. Bladderwrack for arthritis may be used both internally & external application for inflamed joints. The sea plant reduces blood cholesterol levels which helps regulate sex hormone levels in women. It can be considered as a safe alternative to GMO soy to support women's health. #dherbs


Complete List Of Cancer Fighting Foods

Unfortunately, not all diseases can be cured, but many of them can be controlled, and believe it or not, cancer is one of them. There are hundreds of cancer types, and this disease kills approximately 7.6 million people annually. It inhibits important...


Thyroid Medication – OUT, Coconut Oil IN.

Thyroid Medication – OUT, Coconut Oil IN. Most people are unaware that hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease, this is one of the main reasons why pharmaceutical treatment is ineffective for more than 80 percent of patients with sluggish thyroids. Even the best thyroid treatment may not work if underlying adrenal and hormonal problems are not dealt with effectively. If your doctor is not looking at your adrenal and hormonal situation, an important part of your health is being overlooked.


How Levothyroxine can actually SLOW Down Metabolism and What to do About it

Did you know that Levothyroxine can actually CAUSE Weight Gain? It's true, it does this by slowing your metabolism and increasing reverse levels...