Cartoon thought bubble Vector clip art - Free vector for free download ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring borders and picture frame

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Help kids learn about filtering what they say with the concept of "thought bubbles." From

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I came across this photo that inspired this project. It would have been such a great project that I know I would have enjoyed as a kid. I think (know) my students are enjoying it because I heard on…

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Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders can get quite a lot of upsetting thoughts. Here are 50 pre-written thought bubbles that are easy to download, print and use (teachers, SLP's, anyone, not just therapists). Make a quick CBT, hands-on matching game or add a visual dimension to your work.

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Improve Perspective Taking Skills With: Thought Bubble Thoughts This is a social story about keeping potentially hurtful thoughts in your "thought bubble" vs. speaking them out loud. Some children benefit from explicit teaching of this important skill. Read this story and talk about why it is so important to think about what you say and make decisions about what you should or should not say.

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Great organizer when you want students to come up with questions or ponderings about a story or particular subject--could use for group discussion too! (Free Download)

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Traction man thought bubbles.docx

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