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The home guard: Police suggest 30 thorny bushes homeowners could plant to discourage ‘lazy’ garden thieves

Police have issued advice to householders to stop their homes being raided by thieves - telling them to plant giant rhubarb and prickly gooseberry bushes to put off raiders.

The Generous Gardener - very disease resistant, strong fragrance, award winning climber, repeat flowering

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Red Leaf Barberry Hedge. (5 shrubs for 30$). This thorny, brightly colored shrub is the perfect choice to create a barrier against unwanted traffic or to deter deer. Left to grow naturally it has 5-7' spread and height but can be pruned and maintained at a much smaller size.

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Lovely Lady Rose: Hybrid Teas; 1986, rare, bush, continuous flowering, very scented, tolerate small amount of shade, quite thorny, attracts bees. Can be grown in a pot. 2ft H x 2ft W.

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Thorn bearing bushes, especially when planted around windows, can be a nightmare to get caught up in. Just one brush against certain thorn bushes can be enough to send a thief packing. That is un…

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He came home with smoke-filled lungs and glass-cut fingers. He didn't tell his brother where he went.

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Blessings Rose: Hybrid Teas; bush (1967), climber (1975), rare, soft coral-pink continuous flowering, scented, not very tolerant of shade, not very thorny, not very attractive to bees. An outstanding bedding rose.

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5x7 Fantasy Unicorn Art Print "Ribbons And Roses"

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