Thompson Twins...this takes me back...for Toni

Thompson Twins: Outstanding look & sound. Great then & now, love listening to them brings back awesome mid eighties memories

GREAT SONG! "Cause close to you is where I really wanna be and if it ever gets too much I see your face and sense the grace and feel the magic in our touch" | Thompson Twins - Lay your hands on me 1985

My favorite TT song of all time. Thompson Twins - Lay your hands on me 1985

The Thompson Twins around 1983 I want to Hold Them NOW!

20 images that make us wish we were in early NYC - Gallery 1 - Image 21

Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now.  ~ But you know that there's no where I'd rather be than with you here today. ~

Thompson Twins "Hold Me Now" - official music video 1983 - oh my god the were so cool and so lame - that is exactly like people danced back then!

Thompson Twins: You say I am a dreamer.....we're  two of a kind. Hold me now.

I created this video, been meaning to do it for ages! Hope you all like it :-) (Add at the end of this videos URL for STEREO sound!