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Thomas Gainsborough, The Painter’s Daughters with a Cat, c.1760-61, oil on canvas, The National Gallery Here are Mary and Margaret Gainsborough, aged between 9 and 10, and 8 and 9 respectively. The somewhat vicious-looking cat, referenced in the painting’s title, has been left unfinished.  Here they are again, those gorgeous little girls.  How lovely he sees them.

from Marie Antoinette's Playhouse

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Apricot gold silk open robe gown embroidered lace, fly fringe and pearls trim, and petticoat of cream silk. Complemented with pearl strand bracelets on both wrists. Detail from portrait of Mrs. Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1754?–1823), 1778, Thomas Gainsborough. (c) Metropolitan Museum of Art


Richard Tickell (1751-1793), by Thomas Gainsborough


Although painted in the mid 1770s, the costume and accessories deliberately echo seventeenth century fashion a la Van Dyk. Such as the lace edged collar at her decolletage, pearl edging to open robe gown with red quilted petticoat beneath, diamond shaped ruby brooch to front of bodice with strings of pearls, and the large silk bow at elbow, and sleeves that extend to wrists. Detail of The Honourable Mrs Graham (1757-1792) by Thomas Gainsborough, 1775.