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Preparing for Third World Travel


I wish that everyone could just understand the story behind this photo. This sweet little one brought me so much joy from the moment I met her and her infectious smile made my day! I wish you all could meet her and be as blessed by her as I was!


Travels from a Third World Country: An Egyptian Point of View

light at the end of the tunnel camino de santiago spain - Travels from a Third World Country: An Egyptian Point of View - See more at:


Ministry is a huge passion of mine especially in third world countries. I hope to be able to make a difference in these kids lives.


Unlike the Girl in the Movie “Taken,” Thoughts on Traveling Alone in a Third-World Country

BY COURTNEY PRUITT When I told people in the U.S. I was planning on traveling through South America alone, they asked me if I had seen the movie Taken. If you have seen Taken, then you know that you c


First World, Second World, Third World

The world today is made up of three separate categories: First world countries, Second world countries, and third world countries. Each type of country contains their own culture and eating habits that are inevitably determined by their economic state.

Do you spend hours, days, weeks, dreaming of escaping to to the West Country…


20 Hidden Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

20 Hidden Tourist Destinations in the Philippines. Since then, it has reaped accolades and garnered international attention. In an annual list of smartest campaigns in the world released by marketing intelligence service Warc, the tourism campaign ranked third out of 100 in 2014. At its core, the success of the campaign is attributed to the Filipinos’ values that include love for their own homeland. There are a lot of fun things to do around the country and here’s a short list that prove…