Can you feel me when I think about you?

60 Missing You Quotes and Sayings Have you been missing someone really bad lately? Longing to see or to talk with that person and when you know it

I also want to do the first thing...;)

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fuck i wanna see you. and hug you. and kiss you. and make you smile. and make you laugh. and just lie on the sofa next to you. and then just fall asleep beside you. it'd be nice

Its incredibly dumb and i hate it!!! Wishing we were hanging out today…

25 Missing You Quotes

Dumbest thing we ever did. Smartest thing we ever did was get back together. Things happen for a reason.

i had something special planned that i was going to do. then she left me. still going to.

If You Can’t Stop Thinking About It (Live Life Happy)

Live Life Happy: If you can't stop thinking about it, it's probably worth going after. Tagged with: Advice , Life , Real Talk , Truth

You do give me butterflies...and make my heart race when I'm close to YOU!!! I am so captivated by your beauty!! I melt as I look at YOU or think about YOU!!! I Miss YOU Baby!! I Do!!! I wish you were in my arms & I could turn back the clock & be together all over again!! I can't stop thinking about how wonderful U were!!***

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Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like. ~ LOVE YOU

I'm more then sure we do... sometimes I think the reason I'm thinking about you is because your thinking about me from over the seas.

I'm certain I think of him while he's thinking of me because I think of him constantly. I still pray that God will grant me this one little trifle, this one wish, this one pleaded idea. I drop to my knees and ask him to bring us together.

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4 Things You HAVE to Stop Thinking About Yourself

The Truth.

The Truth. (designer bags and dirty diapers)

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. - gotta remember this more often.

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it really is my biggest problem when i know you are scared to sya what is on your mind and i understand where your coming frm but it is turture to just lead me on like this ~ emily whitley