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Top 8 Exercises to build the body of a Greek God

Anterior Leg Muscle Anatomy | Top 8 Exercises to build the body of a Greek God |

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The pes anserine tendons meet on the inner aspect of the upper tibia, where the structure resembles a 'goose foot' - which is what 'pes anserine' means. Under the tendons lies the pes anserine bursa, a lubricating envelope. If it becomes inflamed it is called 'pes anserine bursitis'. #pesanserine #bursitis #anserinebursitis

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As an athlete (Yes! YOU are an athlete!) it is wise to know how your body works and what does what. And I totally get in to this stuff :)

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5 Tips for Building Muscle!

Muscle Anatomy -- Some really nice terminology definitions as well as anatomical references for the student or therapist looking for a refresher.

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Useful Yoga Poses for Athletic Recovery and Injury Prevention (Guide)

Not only does this pose tone and tighten your buttocks and thighs, but the twisting and wringing of the upper body creates something called apana vayu, which is basically an outward flow of energy that aids in digestion. The twist massages inner muscles and organs to rid the body of toxins while bringing in a rush of fresh oxygen and nutrients. This flushes impurities from inner tissues and helps organs perform their functions properly. It’s also an effective method for improving sluggish…

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What Are Trigger Points? Hyperirritable and hypersensitive areas in the muscles of your thighs and around the knee are called trigger points...

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Thigh muscle pain symptoms can be mild to extreme based on the level of your injury. A sharp pain or pulling may be felt in the area of the pull, strain or tear. This can radiate along the length of your #quadriceps muscle up to your hip and pelvis, and/or down through your knee. #thighpain

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