Blue Peter I would have been more into this if I'd had some egg cartons and double sided sticky tape. :)

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First Disney film I ever saw, Love the music as much today as I did when I first saw it - Waiting for a blu ray edition to be released.

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(1) This work is by John Kenn Mortensen. (2) The intent of this work is to give a tangible representation of depression. (3) The dark figure is behind the man, yet he dominates the whole of the piece. The lack of color helps convey to the viewer a sense of sadness, and depiction of depression as a monster, its teeth wide, explains the pain on the man's face. (4) The theme of the work is depression.

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Typography. What first attracted me to this design is that there are two versions of each letter. This gives the type more variety and any viewer has the chance to choose between different letters. Therefore, when creating a design using these letterforms a designer has more options. I like how the overall type is different to any other types. Also each letter is different to its partner but continues with the overall theme.

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gateaudamour‘s Instagram photos | - Explore All Instagram Online

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Today's prompt is from @lifecapturedinc: what are you watching on television these day... | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!

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