Thelma ritter

Thelma Ritter (February 14, 1902 – February 5, 1969) was an American supporting and character actress.

Thelma Ritter (February 1902 – February was an American supporting and character actress. She is by far my favorite actress.

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Thelma Ritter was an American actress. She typically played working class characters and was noted for her distinctive voice, with a strong Brooklyn accent. Ritter received six Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

Thelma Ritter

Thelma Ritter "All About Eve" "The Mating Season" "Rear Window" "Pillow Talk" "Birdman of Alcatraz", "How the West Was Won" Ms. Ritter basically steals every scene she's in. A marvelous character actor.

Thelma Ritter

Thelma Ritter--usually the best part of every movie she was in. As Mo in Pick-up on South Street she was wonderful as a fatalistic street peddler whose only goal was to earn enough to pay for a burial plot.

A cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair.

Grace Kelly - Rear Window, the epitome of chic grace in classic timeless pearls.

Thelma Ritter

GoneMovie ->All about Eve starring Bette Davis and Anne Baxter. Directed by Joseph L.

Thelma Ritter with Ann Sothern... a frequent and favorite role for Thelma Ritter was the usually blue collar domestic worker, maid, housekeeper, or girl Friday that was also a family friend and no one did it better than she did.

A Letter to Three Wives co-starring Thelma Ritter as Sadie. She's the lovable "tell it like it is" down-to-earth housekeeper to Ann Sothern's Manhattan radio show staff career woman.