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Anglo bubbly bubble gum. Large, hard bubble gums with an acquired taste. Never could blow a bubble!//mar16

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I had this one too at some time or another. Ker Plunk" was a late '67 release, but was selling (and playing) strong during most of the 70s

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Rubiks snake, hours of fun and the funny thing is that apparently there's still a part of my brain that retained the information of how to make the dog. Weird, huh ?

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5 Tips to Boost Kids' Confidence in Sports for Parents of Young Athletes

5 Tips to Boost Kids' Confidence in Sports for Parents of Young Athletes

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WOODEN SCHOOL BLACKBOARD DUSTER 1960s / 70s - Some kids in my class felt the end of one of these, several times, my teacher was an excellent shot!

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Lol! I remember those days, we thought we were the shit hahaha! :) blessed I turned out to not be a smoker though!

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Before the days of the Lottery....The Pools, I remember my dad in the other room while we all had to be very quiet or else ha ha

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The Mod Suit: How a Uniform Defined a Subculture

SHELLAC the admiralUNSANE over meNTM plus jamais çaHALF MOON RUN full circleDESTOP burn to grey # fade to blueTHE WHO i can't explainCHRIS CLARK loves gones badTHE FOUR TOPS it's the same old songJIMMY CLIFF ska all over the worldTHE SMALL FACES...

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Empowering Youth: How to Encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things by Kelly Curtis MS. Offering indispensable advice to anyone seeking to integrate empowerment into their youth work, this guide demonstrates how youth leaders, teachers, peer program advisors, adults who work with teens and adolescents, and any professional organization with a youth focus can foster leadership qualities in youth.

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Barratt Milk Teeth Sweets - Buy Online @ The No.1 Sweet Shop - Retro Sweets

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